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Graphcoin is a network designed to give people more time and freedom to discover and pursue their passions. We believe in a future where fulfillment comes from finding a mission-focused network you believe in and contributing value back to the network without having to worry about paying for food, clothing or shelter.
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Unique Idea with huge potential by ooostrateg, December 22, 2018

Platform develops, we have sign ups everyday.
It’s actually a good school for people to learn how blockchain technology could work and synergies .
Perhaps Video Tutorials for MN’s setups could be setuped as bounties for each project.
Another additional value could be referral links sharing

by ooostrateg, May 23, 2019
Great Project at all! by Meniskal, December 21, 2018

Great project at all! Great team and great mods. It’s a good to be a part of this project!

by Meniskal, May 23, 2019
I love the Idea! by Bazingaa, November 10, 2018

I really like the idea behind the project as we truly needed a community and a rating platform for masternode users and new investors coming everyday to the space to check reviews so that they get a good idea from other investors and people who are involved in the masternode coins about their true opinion so that they make their decisions based on the overview of what they see also loyalty program is a Plus for the platform good job so far!

by Bazingaa, May 23, 2019
Strong team by cyrpto-eire, October 20, 2018

Very happy with my investment, looking forward to future project from this team.

by cyrpto-eire, May 23, 2019
Promising project by deepreview, October 19, 2018

A Great idea with a great team. The project has a real use case for the cryptocommunities. I am seeing more projects coming in. I am really optimistic that Graphcoin has a great future ahead.

by deepreview, May 23, 2019
Good team. Great idea. by GirlscoutBob, October 05, 2018

Good team. Great idea. While starting out with a somewhat vaguely stated idea, Graphcoin is taking off with Beam; a project which is actively building and contributing value to the cryptocurrency environment. With a slightly rocky beginning calling for a swap the Graph team has shown that they are on top of this project and can handle unexpected challenges professionally and effectively. Keep up the good work!

by GirlscoutBob, May 23, 2019
Graphcoin is going places by totesmagotes, September 05, 2018

I’ve been following this project since the beginning. Strong team, and Beam is a fantastic first project from Graphcoin Labs. Invest now while it’s still affordable and there’s plenty of upside.

by totesmagotes, May 23, 2019
Great project with solid fundamentals by jdimon, August 31, 2018

The Graphcoin team have proven themselves to be capable and motivated to bring interesting solutions to the blockchain market. I highly recommend joining their Discord and checking out their blog on the website or on Medium to learn more. Big things coming for Graphcoin!

by jdimon, May 23, 2019