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EVOlution-of-Services (EVOS) is a cryptocurrency and a investment service platform. Better than a thousand words, please, watch EVOS official video - EVOS will bring simplicity to your masternode investments. From buying and starting masternodes, to selling rewards for BTC or fiat currency, to sending those profits to your credit card, all of this will be accomplished within an all-in-one platform. EVOS will make the masternode experience easier to manage and investors will benefit from consistent passive income. By building a multifaceted platform where all services will be available, all users will be able to navigate the conundrum that is masternodes quickly and with ease. No longer will advance technical knowledge be needed to successful manage masternode investments and projects.
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Invest by Aroslavf227, November 09, 2018

Very interesting project!

by Aroslavf227, May 25, 2019
EVOS by lmnch2, November 09, 2018

Интересный проект – буду пробовать

by lmnch2, May 25, 2019
EVOS by Valery, November 08, 2018

Very interesting project with a promising coin and a great team!

by Valery, May 25, 2019
EVOS by Cl3r1k, November 05, 2018

Pretty Cool project!
Glad to be part of it.

by Cl3r1k, May 25, 2019
EVOS the way forwards! by ClearPhoenix, November 05, 2018

A true Multi Platform Crypto Project!
One that has many uses!
Easy Transactions, Rental of Bots, Staking in a Pool supported by EVOS itself with no Empty Slots to diminish returns!
EVOS is the shape of things to come!
Get in on the Project now!

by ClearPhoenix, May 25, 2019
EVOS by vlad1006, November 04, 2018

Very good project!!!

by vlad1006, May 25, 2019
Perfect investment by Cryptuenza, November 04, 2018

This great project make us believe again in the Crypto! Honest and well made project with very experienced team.

by Cryptuenza, May 25, 2019
EVOS by sofefeza, November 04, 2018

Nice project

by sofefeza, May 25, 2019
evos invest by exdreamerpro, November 04, 2018

good idea of project
good roadmap

my best invest 2018

by exdreamerpro, May 25, 2019
Great TEAM by BITman, November 04, 2018

Great project!

by BITman, May 25, 2019
Evos by NealeRandom, November 04, 2018

EVOS plans to facilitate the service in the crypto sector. The coin of the project is a POW + POS + MN coin with EVOS hybrid structure.EVOS goes on its roadmap step by step!!!Promising projekt!!!

by NealeRandom, May 25, 2019
EVOS by polywakes, November 04, 2018

The best project in recent years with a good team. There is a ranking system and airdrops in the discord. The team has created its own unique discord bot. Try it yourself

by polywakes, May 25, 2019
EVOS by netknight, November 04, 2018

One of the best crypto projects for today. Join us, you will not regret!

by netknight, May 25, 2019
EVOS by bitcoinoff, November 03, 2018

I like the project team, work well and fulfill the roadmap on time !

by bitcoinoff, May 25, 2019
EVOS by 70MAS, November 03, 2018

One of the most promising coins!

by 70MAS, May 25, 2019
EVOS by fenik014, November 03, 2018

Hi. This is a good project with a great team I’ve ever seen. They fully and on time fulfill their roadmap and delight us with their announcements.

by fenik014, May 25, 2019
EVOS by AnnaMaria, November 03, 2018

Great project with an active team. Friendly community. I am sure that EVOS will be top 10.

by AnnaMaria, May 25, 2019
EVOS by amexv, November 03, 2018

Great team and project!!!

by amexv, May 25, 2019
Innovative project by vl77lp, November 03, 2018

Innovative project strong experienced team combining quite a few sought-after destinations.

by vl77lp, May 25, 2019
New page on masternode book by Lilia, November 03, 2018

Friendly enviroinment, growing community, new and bright REALIZED ideas… Professional team behind the project is very quick on doing weekly task of the roadmap.

by Lilia, May 25, 2019
job dev by Vyacheslav, November 03, 2018

Excellent work of developers. Promises are kept
it’s very rare now! It’s a pity the price has fallen, although this is a good opportunity for new investors.

by Vyacheslav, May 25, 2019
EVOS – it’s a realy GRAND project with BIG future in Cryptoccurency world by Meniskal, November 03, 2018

Hello My dear friend olds, here you are=) Yes! EVOS – it’s a realy GRAND project with BIG future in Cryptoccurency world. I think This project have all chances to be a Top 100 and even top 50 on All market Cap!

by Meniskal, May 25, 2019
EVOS by znakank, November 03, 2018

This project is really best!

by znakank, May 25, 2019
We don’t need hamsters by olst, November 03, 2018

Don’t you know about evos yet? ohhhhhhh comon guys, you missed a lot of time, don’t wait for the moment of entry, it’s here and now!

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by olst, May 25, 2019
Great Project with Big Future by kadrcalmness, November 03, 2018

Great Project with Big Future, Professional Team and Big Community!

by kadrcalmness, May 25, 2019
EVOlution-of-Services (EVOS) by spr1nt, November 03, 2018

Very impressive project with active team which following their roadmap step by step! Looking forward and waiting for platform release

by spr1nt, May 25, 2019