Cryptocashback Premier Partnership

We’re super excited to announce our most important platform partnership to date. Cryptocashback has agreed to become our first on-platform reward partner.

A CCBC wallet has been implemented for every Beam user.

The CCBC project team will be airdropping every Beam investor rewards in their native coin over the course of the next 4 weeks. The amount of the airdrop will be based on your leaderboard rank.

A new advertising item in our shop allows anyone to fund a sponsored CCBC airdrop with their own email deposit message.


A new payment gateway has been implemented for CCBC. Anything in our advertising and services store is now payable using their coin. This gives the CCBC currency a new use case! Their project team is looking at gifting Beam products and services to their partners as they can now pay for this using their development supply.

We’re also building a customized rewards program that will be deployed just to CCBC investors. They’ve chosen Beam as the best way to quickly and easily deploy a rewards program for their investors as a way to keep them engaged and reward them for their loyalty and continued support.

After working with the CCBC team the last few weeks I’ve learned much about their project and about their past. Early in their project there was an exit scam and the community decided to take over the project and carry it forward without the original team. There are little signs of this storied past in the way the community and development team runs today. If you look closely at the fundamentals, you’ll find some strong signals.

– they have a strong community manager, mattnyy, who’s HEAVILY engaged on a 7-day-a-week basis fully committed to the project’s success. Their main developer is steadily producing code and they’ve produced a nice advanced install script for their investors that helps them stack nodes in a cost-effective way. They seem to have a lot of trust amongst the core team as they were able to make big decisions about our partnership in a matter of hours. Most of the teams I’ve worked with in blockchain take weeks to make small decisions – it’s like pulling teeth. So you can understand how great the CCBC team dynamic is and how it will help them continue to push forward.

TECHNOLOGY – they’ve had 8 wallet releases since their launch and I can personally attest to the strength of their core technology as I worked to integrate their wallet into Beam. They are running a close-to-current PIVX code base and are already working on their next release. After running 50+ nodes on our validation server, I would put their technology in the top 5% of all masternodes we’re supporting in terms of latest code base, bugs, ease of installation and support.

COMMUNITY – the sentiment in their Discord chat is overwhelmingly positive. After beginning our partnership, mattnyy and I were quickly able to rally their troops to support CCBC on Beam by registering their coins and rating/reviewing the project. As a result CCBC is now in our Top 5 Asset group by investors, and 4th in our trending projects section by # of followers. Their community also steps up to help with funding initiatives which speaks volumes to how they approach these types of problems. In many of the communities I’ve worked with, there is a “hoarding” mentality amongst the investors who are reluctant to part ways with their coins unless it’s to dump onto an exchange for Bitcoin. CCBC takes a better approach and believes in creating more collision with their currency by spreading it around and getting more people involved.

MARKETING – this is an area where they are still struggling. mattnyy has done an amazing job at carrying the baton on the marketing front running their social media channels with substance and consistency. They need help with rebranding their project and I hope someone with some honest branding skills can step up to contribute to this diamond in the rough. Please DM mattnyy if you are up for the challenge.

We’re looking forward to delivering a custom rewards program for their investors.

If you’re interested in pursuing a partnership with Beam similar to what you’ve seen here, we offer several options – https://beam.works/shop


To find more information about Cryptocashback –

Website – https://ccbcoin.club/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/CCBcoin
Discord – https://discord.gg/dZhNzC4

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  1. Thank you for the great review JD!

    We are very happy to be partnered up with Beam.works! This I feel will be a great opportunity for us to deliver our community a project worth supporting. Partnerships like this our going to be a key to our success as we look to reach as many people as possible through networking with other projects & investors. We envision some cool plans that Beam.works will make possible & this partnership really came out of nowhere for us. After approaching JD about a question I had to build something for our community it came to light that we could basically do most of what we wanted right through Beam! Go figure, reach out on a technical question & get a partner instead, and a great platform to show our community we actually mean business. This all came about from not being afraid to ask questions. You need to get out & talk to people if you want to advance, we’d rather be shot down on a proposal than not ask at all. You never know what can happen!

    As we continue forward with our goals & find new ideas to build upon, we will for sure keep striving for more! This is only the beginning of our journey, I hope everyone here comes to check us out 🙂

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